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Springtime Sewing Projects
Springtime often creates a sense of obligation to look anew at the environment around us, to acknowledge the unfolding of this tender season as renewal and as a conversation to move forward. Even simple changes to the spaces we inhabit can bring about a refreshing revitalization.

Spooled Threads and Deterioration
Direct or indirect sunlight, excessive high or low humidity and its companion extreme temperature fluctuations can seriously affect the condition of thread spools and shelf life. To protect and keep thread spools in top condition, consider storing them in protective containers and away from kitty!

Sewing with RFID Blocking Fabric
RFID blocking fabric can prevent what is essentially silent and devious electronic pickpocketing. Wallets, purses, and totes can be lined with this fabric rather than the pragmatic but unappealing use of aluminum foil to become a signal blocking container. RFID fabric used as lining is easy to sew.

Topstitching Concerns
Some times achieving eye-catching topstitching seems to require artificial intelligence, a machine of magical capabilities, and a juxtaposition of the best thread, sewing machine needle, an otherworldly presser foot and forgiving fabric. It can be done, not by séance, but by knowledge and technique!

Versatile Fabric Selvages
Not long ago, fabric selvages were considered unusable scraps and landed in the waste basket. Now, the once lowly fabric edges have renewed life. Lengths of various selvages can be stitched together along their long edges to form their own sturdy fabric yardage and sewn into functional items.

Sewing Pattern Mysteries
Modern commercial sewing patterns are a marvel of precision and engineering. A blueprint for sewers with a wealth of information, standardized markings and symbols and specific written details on how to construct the item step by step. Pattern companies endeavor to decode all their sewing details.

Sewing with Clear Vinyl
Soft flexible vinyl is durable, easy to clean, comes in colors other than clear and can be fun for outside-the box scrappy sewing. Vinyl is used to make peek-a-boo windows in organizing pouches, colorful luggage tags, poolside splash proof pouches or suitcase travel protectors. All are easy to sew.

Valentine's Day Sewing Ideas
The imagery, origin and history of Valentine's Day may entertain many a narrative clouded by time, yet the double lobed triangular shape heart symbol, by no means an accurate anatomical figure, seems to have universally prevailed as a popular reminder of love and affection.

Easy Sew Kitchen Window Coverings
Sewing kitchen curtains need not be complicated at all. All that is needed is a yard or two of fabric, some straight machine stitching and simple methods of attachment. Great beginning sewing project!

Vintage Sewing Notions
Sewing is one of the oldest of human endeavors. To accomplish this fundamental undertaking sewing notions, namely needles, thimbles and threads have been found to have been in continuous use since pre-history. Curious vintage and familiar modern sewing notions are established companions to sewing.

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