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The Child Book Review
The skeleton of a baby has been unearthed at a construction site, and it is thought to be the remains of a baby kidnapped from the maternity ward 40 years prior. When a reporter starts nosing around, she brings 3 women together who are involved to solve the mystery.

The Gail Force Book Review
Jake Travis goes undercover for the FBI to expose a corrupt art dealer and murderer. In doing so, he puts himself and his colleagues in grave danger. Plenty of suspense.

The Devil's Triangle Book Review
Catherine Coulter and J. T. Ellison has teamed up to write The Brit in the FBI series. This is the fourth installment and is a quick, fun read.

Death in the Castle Book Review
Prize-winning author Pearl S. Buck's novel Death in the Castle has been republished, and it is definitely worth reading. Impoverished royals Sir Richard Sedgeley and Lady Mary must sell the castle that their family has owned for centuries; there are ghosts and secrets, and of course murder.

Nemesis Book Review
Psychopath and serial killer Daniel Moxley has escaped while being transported to a maximum security prison. DI Vinnie Palmer is in charge of the case and must work fast to find Moxley to stop him from murdering others.

Look for Me Book Review
Roxanna Baez' dysfunctional family has been murdered, and she's missing. D.D. Warren solicits the help of kidnapping survivor, Flora Dane, to help in the investigation.

Plaid and Plagiarism Book Review
The new owners of the Yon Bonnie Bookshop in Scotland aren't expecting trouble as soon as they arrive from Illinois to take over. Nor do they expect to find a dead body. The four owners feel they must investigate the murder, and are hoping things will come together and they can solve the mystery.

Murder Underground Book Review
This is a classic British historical thriller with plenty of humor and building suspense. It's a fast read and well-worth taking the time.

Liar, Liar Book Review
Didi Storm, a celebrity impersonator in Las Vegas, has been missing for 20 years; it is rumored that she has jumped from a tall building. Her daughter, Remmi witnesses the jump and learns that it isn't her mother. Why, after 20 years, has Didi gotten new press, and what really happened to her?

A Whole Latte Murder Book Review
Juliet Langley, manger of a coffee shop, is also an amateur sleuth, and is trying to solve the murder of her neighbor, Chelsea. However, her boyfriend has been promoted to the homicide division and the two are clashing.

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